Russian Paintings

Alevtina Dmitrievna Pyzhova (b. 1936, Moscow) – Russian naive artist.

Alevtina Pyzhova was born in Moscow in a family of military men. Despite an unsuccessful attempt to enter the Art School and the blindness of the left eye, she was engaged in creative life: painted the trays, sewing quilts, carved figurines. In parallel, she was working in house management. She started painting in 1991. Best known for television competition of self-taught artists, organized by Xenia Boguemskaia, and had first personal exhibition in 1999.

The main theme of her work is erotic and love. Many of the explicit scenes, according to the artist, based on the circumstances of her personal life. In addition, she has many anti-communist themes, as well as mythological and fantastic stories. She loves to depict the strange animals in the lush forests that resemble landscapes of Rousseau. Distinctive features of her style are bright, local colors combined with decorative and fabulous images.