Russian Paintings

Helen Illichova

Helen Illichova was born in 1958 in Ismail Ucraine. She is the only painter in the world who uses rather unusual authoring techniques for writing paintings. The artist paints the picture with his hand with the cotton sock on it. With this special technique, Elena achieves a vivid expressiveness of the images, in which her characteristic acute sense of the beauty of the surrounding world is reflected. Elena is rightfully called a master of still life and a woman's image. Her still lifes admire the virtuoso composition, juiciness and subtlety of the color palette. In them, subjects are written out carefully, but they seem slightly blurred, which brings some mystery and light magic to the canvases. Magnificent and feminine images. Tame and at the same time, majestic beauties are the viewer, as if from some of their own - another, unreal world. It's unusual. This is fascinating. This pleases the eye. It is worthy to see. It must be watched! Member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine
1979 Finished the Odessa State Art College by Grekov M.
1986 Graduated the Odessa Pedagogical Institute by Ushinsky K. 
K.Taught Painting and Drawing in the Odessa State Art College by Grekov M. for several years.
The artist has been working as an independent painter sins 1980.
She participated in 102 all-union, Ukrainian, International exhibitions. 15 biannual exhibitions. She became the author of many art projects and she had 8 personal exhibitions