Russian Paintings

Julia Kostsova

Julia Kostsova is one of the youngest and the most gifted artist on the Russian art scene. A graduate of the famous Repin’s Art Academy in Saint Petersburg, she was born in Yekaterinburg, Siberia and from very early age devoted herself to painting. Colors and shapes were always intriguing for her. Siberian nature – majestic and powerful: vast plains, rugged mountains, untamed rivers – ever changing, illusive and eternal landscapes made powerful imprint on her mind. Later came the fascination with the movement: dance, horse riding, and the blowing wind. The challenge was to capture the moment in all its immediacy and transfer it to the canvas. Julia studied rigorously, mastering all styles and media, developing her own fluid, but energetic style.

The second passion for Julia was Russian traditional dance, folk songs, musical instruments, beautiful traditional holidays and rituals. Here and there, far away from capital cities these traditions survived, and were celebrated.

After graduation Julia stayed in St. Petersburg, intensively traveling and exhibiting in Russia, Europe, and China. Her large, joyful, energetic paintings earned her a reputation of one of the top artist-monumentalist. Julia tirelessly researches traditional Russian costume, embroidery, ornaments, and domestic objects – employing them in her magical works. She masterfully reflects the atmosphere of traditional Russian life, relations between people and nature.

Since 2013, Julia has been visiting what is like her second home, Naples. She is active in the local community – painting local scenes, working on commissions, and teaching master courses at local art organizations.

Julia’s paintings are well known sought for in many parts of the world; numerous public and private collections are proudly exhibiting her unforgettable masterpieces.