Russian Paintings

Mudretsov Stanislav

Mudretsov Stanislav -  Was born in 1941. .

Born in 1941 in Saratov region (during the evacuation). In 1943, lives in Moscow. In 1973 graduated from Moscow Polygraphic Institute. In 1979 was adopted in Creative Union of Artists of Russia, section of painting. Party spring and autumn exhibitions at the Malaya Georgia street and other exhibitions of artists of Russia.

2005. Personal exhibition in the Museum. Roerich, in 2007 and 2010 personal exhibition in gallery "L". Works are in the Museum of "Modern art", Museum named after N. With. Roerich, in the Glinka Museum, "Museum of Fine arts. Pushkin Theater Museum im. A. A. Bakhrushin, Museum of Belarus. Works are in private collections in Russia, France, USA, Italy, Canada, Germany, and Spain.

Stanislav Mudrecov amazing person who has a unique gift to "see" music. Stanislav is the owner of a beautiful and strong baritone – a quarter of a century he sang in the Church choir. He closes his eyes and "sees" the music... And creates a vivid musical canvas of "construction", enthralling the viewer into a different space that opens in front of him different horizons of being. "Design, and not only musical act on the human psyche, to define specific emotions"- says Stanislav about his paintings.