Russian Paintings

Sergey Logachev

Sergei Logachev was born in Borisov, Belarus, but at the age of 7 he left Belarus and moved with his parents to Russia, to the Belgorod region. The ability and desire to draw prompted him to choose a new path in life: after 8th grade he entered the Voronezh Art School, and two years later he was transferred to the Tambov Pedagogical School. Sergey is not only a good artist, but also a musician, behind whom there is work in many musical groups. At one point, he played bass in the well-known group Rublo Zone. The name of the exhibition "Decorative symbolism" talks about the direction of the work of this outstanding painter. Symbolism, in the broad sense of the word, is a tendency of artistic thought; in the narrow artistic direction in art, whose images are characterized by a double meaning: external visual and hidden subtext, they suggest a different, deeper, often mystical content. For Sergey Logachev, both meanings of this term are characteristic. When you communicate with him, you quickly understand that he is an extraordinary person, who has a unique artistic thought and a philosophical worldview. And going through his paintings calmly, without hesitation, is simply impossible. Somehow, they snatch us from the usual worldview and immerse us in a wonderful world where the images of childhood and the fantastic heroes of our dreams live: the romantic Don Quixote, Casanova, who flies easily through life ... At first , embrace the feeling of a newly discovered world, a bright party. But after a few minutes of communicating with the image, you begin to understand that each image created by the artist is full of deep meaning. When working on the technique of washing relief, which allows to decorate the work, Sergey Logachev creates bright and colorful works that live his inner life. His works are the result of the artist's creative understanding of the connection between the work and the cultural, historical and spatial-thematic environment to which they are intended. The qualifications left by the enthusiastic visitors of the exhibition in the guestbook are evidence that the artist's exhibition has become a vivid and memorable holiday, a true triumph of Belarusian modern painting.