Russian Paintings

Vera Elnitskaya.

Vera Elnitskaya was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1966. She studied painting at an art school, did a great deal of drawing and painting from life, traveled with groups of artists to different parts of Russia and participated in group exhibitions of their works. In 1990, Vera Elnitskaya produced a series of landscape paintings for which she was awarded 1st prize in a competition among young Moscow artists.

In 1990-91, Vera Elnitskaya was a member of the "SENEZH" art group. In 1991, she joined the Moscow Artists' Union (MAU). In 1993, she spent six months in Ottawa, Canada, during which period she attended drawing classes at the Ottawa School of Art.

Vera Elnitskaya exhibited her works at art galleries in Moscow: "Expo-88", "Manezh", "Les Oreades", "M'ARS". In 1997, she had a personal exhibition in Tallinn. In 1999, she traveled to Italy and had a personal exhibition in San Pietro in Casale. In 2003, she worked at La Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris, and produced a series of paintings of that city. In 2003-2005, Vera Elnitskaya attended exhibitions and lectures at the Centre of Modern Art in Moscow and produced some works in the field of photography and abstract art. In 2005, she took part in an exhibition at the Zverev Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow. In 2006, she participated in the "Arte e cultura dalla Russia" exhibition during the Russian Art Festival in Viterbo, Italy.

Vera Elnitskaya's works are to be found in the personal collections of M. Alshibai, I. Golman, A. Zaripov, A. Mironov, O. Kuzin, D. Toloknov, A. Khazieva - Moscow; R. Guerra, E.Rosenfeld - Paris; P. Selmi - Italy; B. Gelbman - Canada; Fernando M. Valensuela - Spain; and in the art museums of Sochi, Ustiuzhna, Bendery ans Pereyaslavl-Zalesski.

In 2014, fourteen of Vera Elnitskaya's works were included in the City of Ottawa Art Collection.

Principle exhibitions

2014.  "The World of Painting". "PLENER" Group, MAU, Zelenograd

2014. "Russian Provinces". "PLENER" Group, MAU, Lipetsk

2013. "Point of Intersection". Group exhibition. MAU, "20 First Tverskaya-Yamskaya St." gallery. Moscow

2013. "New Art Nu". Group exhibition. Central Artists' Club, "Aist" gallery, Moscow

2013. "Nu Seasons". Group exhibition. International Art Fund. Moscow

2013. "Arbat Street ... and beyond". V. Elnitskaya's personal exhibition. Art gallery, Gogol Museum. Moscow

2013. "Summer in a Big City". Exhibition at the residence of the EU ambassador in the Russian Federation. Moscow

2013. V. Elnitskaya's personal exhibition. "Romanov dvor" art gallery. Moscow

2013. "Delicate Impressionism". V. Elnitskaya's personal exhibition. "Dresden" art gallery and "ArtGnezdo" gallery. Moscow

2013. "First Book". "Kniga Khudozhnika" International association. "Tsaritsino" State Museum Park, Moscow

2012. "80 years of MAU". Central Artists' Club. Moscow

2012.  "Moscow Spring Saga". Personal exhibition. "VINCENT" gallery. Moscow

2012. "Anticipation of Spring". "Rabochii i Kolkhoznitsa" exhibition centre. MAU. Moscow

2012. "Russian Provinces. Plein Air Painting". MAU. "Nagornaya" gallery. Moscow

2011. "City melody". Personal exhibition. "Dom Shalyapina" gallery. Moscow

2011. "Universe of Feelings". Personal exhibition. "20 First Tverskaya-Yamskaya St." gallery. MAU. Moscow

2010. "Hommage". "A-3" gallery. Moscow

2010. "Moscow Saga". Marriot hotel. "VINCENT" gallery. Moscow

2010. " A Well-Known Stranger". "Chistye Prudy" gallery. Moscow

2010. "Works from Different Periods". Personal exhibition. "Les" gallery at the Vavilova Street Artists' Club. Moscow

2009. "ART-MANEZH" art fair. "Aist" gallery. Moscow

2008. "ART-MANEZH" art fair. Dmitri and Irina Toloknov's gallery. Moscow

2007. "Summer in Town". Personal exhibition at the Zverev Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow.

2007. "Spring Exhibition". Campbell's Art Gallery. London

2006. "Art Salon". Central Artists' Club. Moscow

2006. "Arte e cultura dalla Russia". Viterbo. Italy.

2006. "Impossible Connections". "A-3" gallery. Moscow

2006. "Choice". XI Moscow International Forum of Artistic Initiatives. "Novyi Manezh" exhibition hall. Moscow

2005. "Aphrodite's Dreams". Zverev Centre of Contemporary Art, Moscow.

2004. "Act of Charity". "France" gallery. "Art-Strelka" Cultural Centre. Moscow

2004. "Immediate Circle". "Manezh" gallery artists. "MARS" Centre of Modern Art. Moscow

2002. "Nine Russian Painters" exhibition of works from A. Zaripov's collection, San Francisco, USA

2002. "Three Painters". (Elnitskaya, Bystritskaya, Bukh). Moscow Artists' Club. Moscow

2000. Sotheby's charitable auction "Operation Smile", "Art-Moskva" art fair. Central Artists' Club. Moscow

1999. "Ritratto di Mosca". Personal exhibition. San Pietro in Casale, Italy

1997. Personal exhibition. Russian Embassy gallery. Tallinn, Estonia

1997. "Akademia del Arte" exhibition (Elnitskaya, Sutyagin, Shevchenko, Kamyanov, Kristinina). Moscow International University. Moscow

1996. "Art-Manezh" art fair. Moscow

1995. "Expo-88" gallery. Personal exhibition. Moscow

1991. Works exhibited at the Carmel Art Gallery. Ottawa. Canada

1990. Exhibition of the scholarship holders of the Young Artists' Association. "Inselstrasse 13" gallery. Berlin. Germany

1984-1989. Annual exhibitions. Moscow